Taurus ♉️ BLESSINGS ON BLESSINGS ✨ | April 2019 Tarot Reading

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Taurus ♉️ BLESSINGS ON BLESSINGS ✨ | April 2019 Tarot Reading

Extended Love Reading

Guided Meditation to Release Limitations and Invoke Your Life Purpose

Taurus April 2019 Love Reading

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Smith-Waite Tarot Borderless

I’m sending you peace, love and blessings ✨
Sirena Moon Tarot


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*My life is FAR from perfect. Just because I have been walking a spiritual path and am able to connect with my intuition DOES NOT mean I am immune to hardships, pain and making terrible decisions. My life has never been easy. I have overcome many hardships and loses (including the transitioning of people I love most). I am human. As a tarot reader I would NEVER believe that I am your spiritual guide, leader or advisor in anyway. I READ CARDS. This is for entertainment. I speak the messages that want to come through me and if they connect to you and your situation, it just shows you the power of tarot. If I’m able to connect to just one person through tarot and help them see that they are not hopeless then I did my job right.

If I ever tell you I understand what you’re going through it’s because I have either lived through it, witnessed it (through someone close to me) or I’m going through it now. Still I choose Peace. Still I choose Serenity. Still I choose Love. Despite the terrible situations I have lived through since a very young age. As an adult, I no longer allow those experiences to define me or hinder my success or potential.

*If you find my videos and messages are “too positive” there are plenty of other tarot readers out there. One thing i have learned is that I have never made progress while staying stuck in the dark. I used to believe staying small and dimming my light was going to help others in some way. I only ended up limiting myself and ended up not having any resources (time, energy, money) to be able to offer any support. I do spread peace, love and light but don’t get it twisted I have seen evil first hand, I have suffered through it. I’m not ignorant to social injustices. If I don’t talk about world affairs or injustices on this channel it’s because this is not the platform I choose to do it on. If you think you know me or what I stand for (or against) simply by watching my tarot readings, think again.

This channel is for general tarot readings about love and finances.


*Disclaimer: All of my Tarot Readings are provided for Entertainment Purposes Only. No guarantees can be given as to the accuracy of a Reading. The User/Viewer is responsible for their own life choices and decisions. Tarot Readings are not a substitute for legal, financial, medical, or anything health related, including but not limited to mental health services. My Tarot-based Channel and Tarot Readings shall and will not replace advice from a physician, legal counsel, or any other licensed professional. If you require assistance in any of the above matters it is advised to consult a professional provider.

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Taurus ♉️ BLESSINGS ON BLESSINGS ✨ | April 2019 Tarot Reading

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