Wait for them or move on? PICK A CARD Tarot Reading (Timeless) // Wait or Give Up?

Welcome to Lumiere Tarot

Hi – my name is Clair Summer. This channel is dedicated to bringing you intuitive tarot readings for your heart and soul. I hope you enjoy it. Love and best wishes xx

This Pick a Card reading is timeless. Time is not linear and is more fluid than our usual understanding therefore if you discover this reading then there may be a message here for you. Use your intuition to guide you. If this message doesn’t resonate with you, feel peaceful and find the one that does.

Disclaimer: Please use the information offered responsibly. Ultimately, you must always use your own judgement, wisdom and discrimination when making life decisions. Caution: Language may be strong at times.

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Time Stamps

Group 1 – 02:47
Group 2 – 15:52
Group 3 – 30:08
Group 4 – 45:11


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These are a few of my favourite decks and oracle cards:

Rider Waite Centennial Deck –
The Fountain Tarot –
Spiritsong Tarot –
The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck –
The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck –
The Good Tarot –
Work Your Light oracle cards –
Wisdom of the Oracle divination cards –
Universal Love Oracle cards –
Moonology Oracle Cards –
Universal Wisdom Oracle cards –
Whispers of Love oracle cards –
Gaia Oracle cards (I love these!) –
Tarot Mucha –
Shadowscapes Tarot –
Divine Feminine Oracle cards –
The Wild Offering oracle cards (my all time favourite!) –


This is the equipment I use:

Canon Vlogging Camera –
Apple iPad Pro –
Studio Lighting Kit –
Camera Tripod –

Fuente – Source

Wait for them or move on? PICK A CARD Tarot Reading (Timeless) // Wait or Give Up?

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